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December 25, 2012:  Shack Photos have been discontinued.  You're welcome to post your shack pix at our members-only forum!
February 5, 2011:  Our online Store was closed effective February 5, 2011, and the
Store pages have been removed from the site.  We deeply appreciate your
patronage through the years and hope you have been pleased with our products.  
October 8, 2009:  Some of you may remember the Browning Golden Eagle Forum, which was discontinued several years ago.  We've decided to revive it, using an updated platform which provides many new features and options.  We invite you to take a look and register to join.  Click the banner and check it out!
Browning Golden Eagle Forum
May 25, 2009: Thank you for 1/2 million page views since June 1, 2000!
500,000 Page Views!
May 23, 2009 - Site Makeover:  Nearly 10 years of the starfield and gold
text was long enough!  We hope you like the new 'look' and will continue to
enjoy the site.  All of the sections and pages are in the same locations, with
minor edits and corrections.  Thank you, everyone, for nearly 500,000 page hits
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Our 'Retro-Dave' for all his patient and understanding
assistance with this site from its beginnings!  Be sure to visit Dave's site at
RetroCom.Com.   It's a real blast from the past!
Popular Communications featured RetroCom in the April, 2001 issue.
From the Browning Golden Eagle Guestbook
July 30, 2002 - 10:15 AM
Name/Handle: Alan, KST8678 "Channel Master"
Where are you from?  Melbourne, FL
Do you own/operate Browning equip?  No
Do you collect Browning equip? I collect various classic CB radios,
no Brownings to date!
Comments:  Excellent site!
  Alan Dixon, Contributing Editor - Popular Communications
Browning Labs in Popular Communications
 Alan Dixon  (N3HOE / KST8678), who was Popular Communications
'On-the-Go' contributing editor,  featured us in the November, 2002
edition!  He included news about our auction site (since closed) in
the March, 2003 edition on Pages 20-21.
Popular Communications is the premiere communications magazine
and provides coverage and information for all aspects of communications
worldwide.  Click on the logo to visit their website and subscribe.
Popular Communications
Happy Retirement to Alan Dixon
September 14, 2004
Alan Dixon, Contributing Editor of the monthly 'On-the-Go Radio'
(formerly 'CB Scene') column in Popular Communications has
retired, effective with the September, 2004 issue.  Over the course
of 5 years, Alan was also editor of the 'Washington Beat' column
and created the new 'Homeland Security' monthly column.  Our
sincere thanks to Alan for his coverage of this website, along with
his support and encouragement.
Happy retirement, Alan and Sylvia!  You will be missed.
General Information
MODIFICATIONS:  Browning Laboratories, Inc. does not endorse or recommend
modifications to this equipment, other than mods/updates designed by Browning.
The Browning design engineers' work simply cannot be improved by hacking,
drilling or expanding for out-of-band operations.  When we offer a radio for sale,
the modifications (usually poorly designed & installed) are generally removed.
We try to restore our radios to as near original condition as possible.
BUYING USED EQUIPMENT:  We often hear complaints about misrepresented
equipment being sold - a huge problem at online auctions that is only getting
worse.  You know the routine:  a radio advertised as 'mint' can sometimes be
anything but that.  Our suggestion when considering the purchase of Browning
equipment is to ask questions and request pictures.  Any reputable seller will
be glad to provide that type of information.  However, there is nothing to prevent
disreputable sellers from 'borrowing' photos and doing the same.  Individual
sellers may not be equipped to furnish pictures, but should be able to provide
any other information.  If they can't, shop elsewhere.  A perfect '10' is indeed
a rare find and that mystical "1 to 10 Scale" is often misleading & inaccurate.
Cosmetic condition is by far the more critical element - these radios CAN be
repairs, but original faceplates and other cosmetic parts are all but impossible
to find.  As in all things, it does pay to know who you are dealing with, which
holds true for repair service as well.
REPAIR SERVICE:  Many of the self-proclaimed Browning "experts" don't have the
training or certification to back up their claims, and can often cause more harm
than good.  It's a great idea to ask for, and then check, references.  Browning
radios, both base & mobil, are unique by design and require technical knowledge
not necessarily needed to repair some of the other brands of equipment.
This equipment deserves the best possible service.